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Yellow Pages

(All UK Yellow pages. If you know the company name but don't know where they are put "UK" in the location box.)

Directory Enquiries


(The official BT service.)

Train Timetable

(Find the train times that would suit you and then ring for fares, restrictions and special offers.)

UK telephone code locator

(If you know the STD code you can find the area.)

UK Postcodes

(Find the correct postcode for an address.)

UK Weather

(If you don't know what else to talk about.)

UK Street maps

(Not always available, try as an alternative.)

Dun & Bradstreet

(Some basic company info free but detailed stuff is to pay for.)


(Good for up-to-the minute news headlines.)

Financial Times

(Financial news, stock prices and exchange rates.)


(Company data.)


(Buyers guide.)

UK Post Office

(Postal services info.)

UK Government

(The starting point for masses of government information.)


(The benchmark for UK telecom services and prices - see later specialist sections.)

Internet Directory

(Use keywords in the search box or browse through categories.)


(It's American but it’s the most comprehensive free one.)

Search Engine

(Some of my favourites.)

Computer suppliers

(I bought a Dell, we use them at work and the package price was right at the time, but it could just as easily have been a Gateway.)

(Good if you know exactly the specification you want built.)

Hardware peripherals and consumables

(but be aware of post & packing charges if placing small orders)



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