Notton Gala in 1945
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Notton Gala in 1945/6

I received the following email from Marjorie Fox (nee Hall) with this photo. The gala/fete in 1945 was apparently also the VE day celebration and had a Nationalistic theme.


"I hope you are still interested in the history of Notton. You mention the Annual Fete so I thought you might like to see the enclosed photo of the annual village 'do' in 1945/6 just after the war. Sometimes the fete was held at Wagstaff's farm at the top of Grimpit Hill because there were more facilities and it was between Notton and Bleakly. I can remember most of the names and many stories of their families represented. I was born in Notton in 1940 at a bungalow called The Four Winds, number 48? George Lane. which was built by my uncles who built most of the bungalows and houses around that time . My Grand-parents lived in Sunnyside also built by my uncles. I remember well Mrs Mollett and Miss Kirby and also Mr & Mrs Kitson and their fine herd of Red Polls. My mother Phillis Hall is still alive and is 98. I could go on and on but if you would like to know any more please let me know. There are so many stories that would make interesting reading! that's hoping the folks still around won't mind. Perhaps another photo of this years fete will have similar youngsters of today which could be put alongside this one in your history project. I really do look forward to hearing from you and thank you for keeping the village ALIVE it always was the best place to live!!!

GREETINGS from Marjorie Fox ( nee Hall) now retired and living in a tiny village in Rutland - and guess what - we are just beginning to produce our village history here, who knows we might be able to find some links!

By the way, I am the small child in the photo on the front row dressed as Britannia."



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