Bonfire Night 5th November 2005
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Bonfire Night 5th November 2005

The weather was kind to us and it seemed to be a great success. Bigger, better fireworks and a bigger crowd than last year - must have been 3000 or more.

David Sturdy's disco 'wheels of steel' added a bit more atmosphere and the bar, food and side shows went down well.

A couple of random photo's here - send me some better ones  if you have any....


crowd gathers.jpg (50010 bytes) the crowd gathers....

fire.jpg (17037 bytes) the fire gets going....

fireworks1.jpg (22447 bytes) the fireworks start - these pics don't do them justice!

fireworks2.jpg (20471 bytes) more...

fireworks3.jpg (22705 bytes) ...and more!


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