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Running a function, or need class or meeting rooms ?


just off the A61, between Wakefield and Barnsley,

has rooms and facilities for hire at reasonable rates.

·      Large and Small halls

·      Disabled access and toilet

·      Good kitchen facilities

·      Ample car parking

·      Tables, chairs

·      Crockery etc available

from £6.00 per hour

To discuss your requirements and book for one-off or regular events, please phone June Clark on 01226 722346. There are some vacant times if anybody wants to start a new Club.  What about badminton, table tennis, bridge or wine appreciation - in fact virtually anything so long as it is legal!  

For those new to the village, or anyone else, here is a short history and update on the Village Hall: what it is, how it works, and how it came into being.

The original Hall was a converted RAF hut built on land given to the Village in 1950.  The cricket field and tennis courts were added shortly afterwards.  In 1984 the present building was erected after much fundraising and with the help of various grants, and later on more land down the Ings was purchased.

The Hall is run by a Management Committee of up to 30 people which meets every two months. Five members retire and are replaced by election each year. The Hall is a registered Charity, and the Committee is overseen by seven Trustees who hold the Hall and lands under a Deed of Trust.

The upkeep of the Hall is entirely dependent on income from hiring and from fundraising events: it is independent of the District and Parish Councils and receives no aid from them. Being a Charity it does not make a “profit” so any surplus of income is used for major maintenance and improvements.

Hire rates for local people and groups are kept low to encourage Village societies to grow and to use the Hall - which is after all the main purpose of the building – but this means that fundraising events are necessary to make up the shortfall in income, and that as much maintenance as possible is carried out by volunteers.

Village Social events are advertised in the Village Shop and there will often be circulars throughout the Village and announcements in the Parish Newsletter

Notton is fortunate in having a number of people who are willing and able to give their time in all sorts of ways to the Village Hall, but of course more volunteers are always welcome!  The Management Committee has a few vacancies, and anyone interested should come to the next Committee meeting and/or give me a ring.

Peter Taylor  722155

Activities in Notton Village Hall

Dog Training                             every Monday  6.45 – 9.00pm

Contact Mrs Kolkowski   01924 252107

Kindermusik                       term-time Tuesday 10.00 – 11.00

Contact Mrs Jo Booth 01226 724414

Aerobics class                    term-time Tuesday 7.00 – 8.00

Contact Liz Champion  07730 572035

Self-help Embroidery            term-time Wednesday 1.30 – 3.30

Contact June Clark   01226 722346

Weight Watchers                every Wednesday 6.00 – 7.00

Contact Sue Watkins   07885 968048

Whist Drive                           1st Wednesday of the month 7.15 pm

Contact Jean Duncan   01226 722229

Flower Arranging                 term-time Thursday 1.30 – 3.30

Contact Hesse Tate  01226 709399

Children’s Ballet Class            every Thursday 4.30 – 6.00pm

        Contact Claire Barlow   07976 911296

Yoga                                      every Thursday 7.00 – 8.00pm

Contact Julie Winham   01226 728227

Parish Council Meeting         1st Thursday of the month 7.30pm

Contact Caroline Smith (Parish Clerk) 01226 382360

Wine Club                              Last Thursday of the month 7.30pm

Contact Bob Stevenson  01226 722385

Self-Help Art Class             every Friday 10.00am – 12.00noon

Contact David Cliff  01226 726844


At other times the hall is vacant for hire.  Please contact  June Clark 01226 722346.

Hire rates:           For residents of Notton Parish:         For other hirers:

Small Hall                        £6.00 per hour                                  £9.00

Large Hall                       £10.00                                               £19.00

The whole building           £14.00                                               £24.00


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