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May 2005




Christine Archbell (722537) 

Notton Gala 2005 - Sunday, 12th June

 We are at that time of the year once more when the Gala looms ahead. Money is needed again to balance the Village Hall’s books.  The improvements to the Hall have been greatly appreciated by all who use it, but incoming and outgoing expenses still do not balance. Members of the village have worked hard organising fundraising social events, which have been very successful, but the money raised from the Gala is still necessary.

 We have an excellent committee working towards the day with one or two new ideas, eg the Pop Idol Competition and Ostrich races included in the family sports.

 Again we are supporting both Wakefield and Barnsley Hospices with the charity money.

 If you can help in any way by volunteering for a job (we start setting up the site at 8.00 a.m.) donating cakes, plants, bric-a-brac, books, etc. we will be very grateful.

 Every little helps to make this event a successful and happy occasion.

Jill Bird - Gala Chairman

Notton Village Shop

I write my latest update to you shortly after our Board Meeting on Monday, 9 May 2005, to let you know that the Shop is still continuing to perform reasonably well.  However, we are facing some substantial capital outlay in the near future, in terms of repairs to premises.  Notwithstanding that, we are very financially sound.

The staff position is more stable at this time, and quite satisfactory in that respect.  Turning now to volunteers, this is where we are still having some difficulties.   It is clear that the very small band of people who volunteer is not getting any larger and the people who are doing this work will not go on for ever.  We therefore desperately need volunteers.

Our last problem is still newspaper deliveries, and we are now at the point where we cannot attract people for this job.  It seems clear to me that, before much longer, newspaper deliveries will be something that will have to be abandoned as there are just not the young people in the Village who are interested in this type of work.  I would therefore suggest that you should not be surprised if an announcement of this nature is made in the not too distant future.

Finally, I would like to thank everybody who helps with the Shop, all the volunteers, the staff, and particularly my colleagues on the Board, for their continued support.  I would also make a further plea for anyone else who can be of help, to see me as soon as possible.

Frank Carter


The shop continues to do well as does the Post Office which provides a wide range of services, some of which people are obviously unaware.  Please enquire of Janet or Andrew as to what is available particularly on the banking side and methods of providing for motor tax and T.V. licences.

We now welcome two more part time staff – Lawrence who is covering the early morning week day session and Anita is providing valuable cover as and when needed.  However there is the usual plea, which gains little or no response, for any villager who can spare an hour or so, not on a regular basis, but particularly at week ends then this would be really welcome.

Finally there is always some form of maintenance, cleaning and generally tidying needed and again if any villager can assist in this direction then please contact Alan Gale (727730)   

Alan Gale

Notton Players

Whilst, due to lack of support, we could not stage a Pantomime this year, many people supported and enjoyed the Murder Mystery evening put on in March.

Later this year we will be arranging an evening based on music from the 40’s and 50’s.

It is intended to stage the Pantomime, Snow White, on 17th and 18th February 2006.

We urgently need new members!  Anyone interested (It’s really fun) should join us at our next meeting on Wednesday, 15th June at the home of Derek and Joyce Taylor, Ingswell Drive.  There are no subscriptions – we don’t want your money – just your bodies

Bryan Tweedle - Chairman (727380)

Fund Raising

A Safari Supper is planned for 20th August and anyone interested can put their name on the list in the PO.  The Ball is on 10th December and getting tickets early would be much appreciated.

200 Club – Anyone interested in joining the club should contact

Applehaigh Lane                                    Alan Gale

Tennis Club                                          Barbara Gale

George Lane                                         June Clark and Jill Bird

Ingswell                                               Joyce Taylor

Beck View and Willow Beck                  Ann Fitt

High Ash                                               Pat Belfield

Manor Close                                          Collector Required

Or ring me on 728428

It is £11 a year and there are 3 draws a month - £50, £15 and £15

Pat Carter (728428)


Notton Tennis Club

For many the tennis season is just beginning, whilst for many members the season lasts all year and it would be nice to see the courts more actively used other than just Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings when up to 20 members play.

The junior coaching on a Saturday morning is now underway and, as always, is very well attended.  The improvement in standards of play is quite pronounced (I think our youngest member is just 3) and it is hoped that juniors will continue to use the courts once the coaching has finished.  Keys are available at £3 each as are tennis balls at £4.50 a can of 4 (shop price £7/£8).  Both from Alan or Barbara Gale (727730).

Finally a plea, if any villagers can assist with parking on Gala day - 12th June - for an hour or so between 12.00 and 5.00pm, please contact Alan Gale.

Alan Gale - Chairman

Notton Flower and Vegetable Show

The Show is open to those who live in Notton and ALL users of the Village Hall.  This year we have extended the entry to the Children’s Section to include Grandchildren and near relatives of those living in Notton.

The schedule will be delivered in July.  This is not a fund raising event.  We just expect to cover the costs of putting on the Show.

June Clark

Gardening Club

The Gardening Club continues to thrive but new members would be most welcome.  Our first meeting this year was in February when a group of us sought the warmth of the Tropical Gardens in Roundhay Park, Leeds, and ended the morning with a pub lunch.

Flowers in Art was the subject in March when Eric Woodhead gave us an interesting talk with slides.  In April Sheila Clark gave an illustrated talk on the work she and a group of dedicated volunteers do to maintain and improve the extensive gardens around Kirkwood Hospice.  The vast composting system was impressive.  Harry Lee entertained us admirably in May with a talk on the Australian Gardens which, amazingly, are just like English gardens.  The settlers wanted to reproduce what they had left behind.  The June Meeting is a garden walk.  In July we will have a visit to the Bonsai centre at Fitzwilliam where the Art of Bonsai will be demonstrated.  There will be bonsai plants for sale.  Our next meeting will be at the Village Hall at 1.30 pm on Wednesday, 6th July.

June Clark

Notton Neighbourhood Watch

At the Neighbourhood Watch Conference on 8th May we were told West Yorkshire Police have had a 22% reduction in Crime from April 2004 to April 2005.  This includes a 41% reduction in burglary, a 24% reduction in Robbery and a 35% reduction in Motor Vehicle Crimes.  An increase in resources and Police numbers are responsible.


Notton crime figures are being kept at an all time low, with 10 crimes being committed between 1st January and 9th May 2005.  They are:-

Bogus official type burglary (nothing stolen)


Damage to windows at Pub


Theft from motor vehicle


Theft of Garden Ornaments


Damage to motor vehicle


Damage to Hudson Ave Building Site


Theft of alloy wheels


Damage to bus shelter




 We must remain vigilant during the warmer weather.  We must keep all external doors and windows locked at all times to prevent sneak-in thieves.  Keep all garden equipment under lock and key.  Never let anyone you don’t know into your home without them giving you proof of their identity.

Joan Booth - 722398

Parish Council

Due to the recent Elections, the AGM had to be re-arranged on Tuesday, 10th May.  Whilst the change was widely advertised, unfortunately the actual meeting was very poorly attended.  The meeting considered a discussion document outlining how we could best encourage more resident participation.  This discussion document will be considered at the next few Council meetings to:-

  • Encourage more participation from the residents of the Notton Parish to attend and take a more active part in PC Meetings.
  • Develop the proposal to have the District Councillors’ surgeries on the same evening as the PC meetings and introduce a quarterly forum and involve, if necessary, the WMDC officers.
  • Request local residents to inform PC members of issues they would like discussed at PC level and if necessary, at District level.
  • Consider ways of involving particular groups of people with specific interests, e.g. young people and OAPs.

The members of the PC feel that enhanced contact with local residents is an essential feature to stimulate debate over the many issues that DO AND MUST CONCERN the residents of Notton parish.

If you have any ideas on how YOU would like to see YOUR PC fulfil and promote the points set out above, please feel free to attend the PC Meetings held on the first Thursday of every month except August. 

Space precludes the reporting of all the items undertaken and achieved over the past year but a copy of the full report is available on display in the PO.  Two items worth mentioning are:-

  • The footpaths have received attention and it is understood more will be done during the next financial year.
  • The street lighting has been improved giving more security and which, from reports received, is to the satisfaction of the residents.

Terry Hall - Chairman



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