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May 2002



Queen’s Golden Jubilee - A celebration has been organised for Sunday, 2nd June at the Village Hall from 6-11 pm. There will be a Barbeque Supper, Ceilidh Dance and Firework Display.  Tickets will be available from the Shop or Jill Bird at a cost of £7.50 per adult and £3 per child.  THESE ARE LIMITED AND AVAILABLE ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS FROM 12TH MAY.

Christine Archbell (722537)

Notton Village Shop

By the time you read this the shop and post office will have been taken over by the company formed for that purpose.  It has not been an easy task to get everything into place and thanks go to those villagers who have given support.  In financial terms £53,300 was subscribed and a mortgage of £110,000 has been obtained from HSBC Bank.

It was extremely disappointing that so many volunteers did not honour their commitment but we have been able to cover most of the hoped for opening hours - Monday to Saturday 6.00 am to 8.00 pm, Sunday, 8.00 am - 2.00 pm.  However, we still have some gaps and John Woodside (723027) or June Ivory (724284) would be delighted to hear from people willing to devote a few hours.  We are pleased that Christopher Brooke will be managing the shop with Derek Haddon managing the post office.  You will, over time, see some changes in the shop and villagers may well have suggestions which we would ask to be directed to June Drysdale (724118) or placed in the box which will be located in the shop.  We have already received some suggestions which will be considered by the Board.  We are very conscious of the need to avoid any interference in the daily running of the shop, not least of all by the Directors, so please do not direct queries to Derek or Chris.

Those villagers who have subscribed to the company will shortly receive share and loan certificates and we would still welcome further investment so the books will be kept open for a little while longer and cheques should be sent to Alan Gale (727730) with full details of the shareholder.

Finally, the Steering Committee, most of whom are now Directors with particular responsibilities, have delivered all that was asked of them and the success or failure of the project is now in the hands of the whole village.  We expect you to support the shop and post office to a greater extent than hitherto and if every household made a commitment to spend an additional £5 per week in the shop then we could increase profitability by £10,000 per annum!

Alan Gale

Notton Gala 2002 - Sunday, 16th June

Just a quick report on progress to date for the Gala.  Let me commence by reminding everyone that the Gala, this year, is on Sunday, 16 June 2002, a later date than normal but one that was chosen as a result of the first week in June being given over to the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations.  Everything seems to be going reasonably well and this year, to mark the 60th Anniversary, I can tell you that we have a star attraction named The Wacky Tumblairs Trampoline, one which I hope will generate a lot more interest for children, and perhaps bring in bigger crowds.

On the organisational side, I have, once again, had support from a great Committee, and things are generally now in place.  There is still, however, a need for two sets of helping hands, one to help with village stalls etc., (those interested should contact either Jill Bird or Lynn Gillibrand), and the second to help on the morning of the 16th.  We shall be starting at approximately 8.00am to assemble the marquee for the tea stall and those people who are able to give us a lift at that time will be well appreciated.

I am also pleased to say that Joyce Taylor is again preparing a meal for after the Gala, something that is most welcome when we have all been working very hard throughout the day.

Finally, as I have already mentioned, I have a great team around me, and they have all worked very hard.  I just hope you will all turn up on the day, help when this is necessary, but in the main thoroughly enjoy yourselves.

Frank Carter - Gala Chairman


Another season has just started with two wins and two defeats.  The team play in the Leeds and West Riding Cricket League on Saturdays and occasional weekday and Sunday games.  Practice night is Friday and new players, young and of more advanced years, are welcome

Bob Moorhouse - 725242

Notton Tennis Club

We have now started our Junior Coaching sessions and have a full complement of enthusiastic Juniors.  As last year we will run the Junior Tournament at the end of the coaching period, with supper being provided by the Club.  This year we have only been able to field two teams in the Wakefield Mixed League but the Club Tournament has attracted many entrants.  Social tennis continues to thrive with many players turning out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday come hail, rain or snow.

Alan Gale - Chairman

Senior Citizens

We are still continuing the meet monthly with afternoon teas and outings.  July brings the annual Strawberry Tea - who knows, we might even be able to enjoy a typical Garden Party, weather permitting.

Jill Bird, Maureen Eames

Village Hall

At the recently held 52nd AGM of the Village Hall, over 25 people attended.  June Drysdale was in the chair.  Margaret Shand and Ron Ellis were welcomed during the past year to the Committee and, more recently, Pam Batty.  Peter Taylor, as Treasurer was thanked along with Minutes Secretary Bob Wright;  Pat Carter for all her fund raising efforts throughout the year including the 200 Club;  Joan Booth for her detailed report as Chairman of the Residents’ Association and Neighbourhood Watch;  Frank Carter for his Chairmanship of the Gala Committee and his team (once again we are looking forward to a successful Gala on 16th June; Notton Players for their excellent input and pantomime.

My wishes and aims for 2002 are to improve the heating system, toilets, water heater in the kitchen and a real effort to attract younger people onto this Committee

June Drysdale - Chairman - 724118

Notton Flower and Vegetable Show

This event is to be held on Sunday, 8th September and is open to all who live in Notton and those who are users of the Village Hall , i.e. the Gardening & Friday Painting Clubs, WI, Flower Arranging Group and Thursday evening Dancing Class.  The schedule will be delivered sometime in July.  It is a “fun” day and taking part is just as much fun as winning and you may even surprise yourself and win.  Please do support it.

June Clark

Gardening Club

Our first meeting this year was held in February when we had and interesting talk and slides about the Eden Project.  Did you know there is a Lavender Farm in South Yorkshire?  Barbara Poisson gave us a lively talk on the history, origins and present day uses of lavender.  We sampled lavender shortbread and one brave soul even volunteered for a foot massage.  The daffodil show was a great success and our friends from the Paxton Society congratulated  us on the quality of the blooms.  We are ending our Gardening Club year with a trip to Harlow Carr Gardens where we have booked a guided tour.  The Committee has changed for the 2002/3 season with Anne Taylor taking over Jennifer Horsley’s job and Pam McGraynor that of Jane Driver.  On behalf of the Club I would like to thank Jennifer and Jane for all their work over the past three years - it has been much appreciated.  We meet again in October - the first Wednesday evening of the month at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall.  We would welcome new members and remember you do not have to be a gardener!

June Clark

Residents' Association

The total crimes figure for Notton in 2001 was 56 - exactly the same number as 2000.  So far this year from 1st January to 8th May there have been 16 crimes which are:-

Attempted burglary - dwelling


Burglary - outbuilding


Theft of motor vehicle


Theft from motor vehicle


Arson to motor vehicle


Damage to dwelling


Theft of vehicle later recovered


Theft of compressor


Theft of caravan


Theft from customer at pub


At the Neighbourhood Watch Conference we were told sneak-in thieves are responsible for a quarter of all crimes in the Wakefield area.  With the warmer days ahead please keep all doors and windows closed and locked, including sheds and garages.

We are joining with the Parish Council to give each child, 16 and under in the village, a commemorative mug to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

We are trying to persuade WMDC to resurface the stretch of road on George Lane from Mill Lane to the A61 crossroads, as well as most of the pavements in the village.  Highways tell us funding is getting through although it might take up to two years - Notton will not be forgotten!!

Abandoned and burnt out cars are being removed more quickly by WMDC Cleansing who have the exclusive use of PC Rogerson on a trial basis.  WMDC Cleansing are also doing an excellent job removing dumped rubbish from the village especially the Car Park at the top of Smawell Lane.  If you see anyone dumping rubbish anywhere get the vehicle description and registration number and ring the Environment Agency on their 24 hr manned freephone - 0800 80 70 60 - You could be in for a reward.

Derrick V. Smith

Parish Council

Election of Officers - At the AGM HELD ON 2ND May 2002 the following were elected for the year 2002/3 - Chairman - Mr P Arnott, Vice Chairman - Mrs M Eames

Precept - The Parish Precept for the year 2002/3 has been set at £3,500

Highways - We have now received an encouraging note from the DC regarding the footpath from Grimpit Hill to Notton crossroads.  The Council has at last recognised the need for repair and has stated that the work will be carried out this year.

Village Shop - The Parish Council gave a grant of £200 to the group of villagers who are buying the village shop and post office.  This was in recognition of the value of this village amenity, and also to add weight to any grant application which may be made to outside bodies.

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee - The Parish Council decided to replace one of the seats in the village with a new seat, bearing an appropriate plaque in celebration of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.  It has also, in partnership with the Residents’ Association, agreed to donate a souvenir mug to each child in the village under the age of 16.

Code of Conduct - The Parsih Council has now adopted a ‘Code of Conduct’ in line with Government Legislation.  The Clerk - Mr M Stafford - also holds a register of members’ interests, which is open to public scrutiny.  Anyone wishing to view the register should contact the Clerk on 01924 367401

Peter Arnott - Chairman

Fund Raising

200 Club - Anyone wishing to join can contact me on 728428.  We need more people to join because we pay 3 prizes a month - £50, £15, £15 and the rest goes towards the upkeep of the Village Hall.

We welcome any suggestions for events in the Hall.  You can contact me on 728428.  Below is a list of the events planned for this year:-

Safari Supper - July - date to be arranged

Fashion Show - Tuesday, 10th September at 7.30 pm

Mystery Meal - Saturday, 28th September at 7.30 pm

Race Night - Saturday, 2nd November at 7.30 pm

Xmas Ball - Saturday, 7th December at 7.30 pm

Escape Youth Theatre - 2 nights - dates to be arranged

Pat Carter (728428)


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