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May 2001



It is very pleasing to see the children’s play area new surface, but what a shame someone has broken the see saw yet again.

Christine Archbell (722537)

Notton Gala 2001 - Sunday, 10th June

Everything appears to be going fairly well for the Gala, with the team broadly having all of their responsibilities in place.  I am pleased to tell you that the Gala team is almost identical to the one from last year, however, we have got people taking on new responsibilities and, in particular, Brian Aisbett has taken over from Bob Wright.  Everyone has worked very well and I thank them for their support. 

Turning now to the pieces that are important, these are:-

1.                   Books – Please let Lynn Gillibrand (722527) have these before 23 May or take them to the book stall on Sunday morning.

2.                 Plants & White Elephant – Items to be taken to the stalls on Sunday morning.

3.                 Basket Stall – Baskets and items to go in the basket are needed.  Please give them to Jill Bird or Lynn Gillibrand before 5 June.

4.                 Cakes – There will be no cake stall this year, but we need lots of home baked cakes and scones for refreshments.  Kindly take them to the Village Hall on Sunday morning from 10.00am.

Pat Carter tells me that we still need volunteers for the Refreshments Tent and the Village Hall – if you could please ring Pat on 728428.  The shifts that require covering are 12.30-2.30pm and 2.30-5pm.  I do hope someone will be able to help with this item.

Finally, John Fitt, Dennis Gillibrand and myself carried out a trial run on the new tents in the Village Hall Car Park on Sunday, 13 May.  This was successful and fairly simple.  It is therefore our intention to assemble the tents at say 5pm on Saturday, 9 June, and all help on the Village Green would be appreciated.  In addition to this, volunteers on the Sunday to get the final arrangements in place will be most welcome.

Kind regards and, once again, thanks very much for your support.

Frank Carter - Gala Chairman


Fund Raising

200 Club - Anyone wishing to join the Village 200 Club should ring Pat on 728428.  The aim of the Club is to provide money to help with the Village Hall running costs.  A draw takes place every month and 3 winners receive £50, £15, £15 respectively.  Those wishing to join now will pay £3 for the next 3 months and then it is £11 for a year.  Thanks to everyone for the support.

A Quiz Night was held in March and we made £300 for the Village Hall and thank everyone who attended.

The events for the coming year are

Sunday, 20th May                                                     


Sunday, 10th June                                                    


Saturday, 6th October

Mystery Meal

Saturday, 17th or 24th November (TBC)              

Show Night with Escape

Saturday, 8th December                                             

Xmas Ball

All tickets are available from the Post Office

On a serious note, if no-one supports these events we will lose the Hall in the end because it takes a great deal of money for the yearly upkeep.

So remember - USE IT OR LOSE IT

Pat Carter (728428)


No wins this season but we are now in a reformed league called the Leeds & West Riding Cricket League.  New players and spectators, especially youngsters, are welcome.  Practice nights are Wednesday and Friday from 6.00 pm onwards.  For more information contact:-

Bob Moorhouse - 725242 or Tony Spencer - 728860

Notton Tennis Club

The tennis season is now well underway, although the social section continues to play all year each Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings - at times sweeping the snow off the courts.  We have 3 teams entered in the Wakefield League this year and have had a very good response to the various club tournaments which start this month. 

Juniors continue to play an important part in the club life and our Friday evening coaching sessions have now commenced which will lead up to the club members Junior Tournament on 13th July. 

We have recently been able to completely refurbish the interior of our clubhouse at a cost of £1,500 which was fully met by the generous legacy from Harry Clark who was a founder member of the club.

Alan Gale - Chairman

Senior Citizens

We have very little news to report at present.  We are still meeting in each others homes for afternoon tea and will continue to do so.

As early Summer approaches we plan visits to garden centres with supper before returning home.  We have also a date for our Christmas dinner booked for late November.

Jill Bird, Maureen Eames


Village Hall

The Village Hall and various items of equipment are available for hire.  Costs for village residents are £10/hr for the whole Hall and £7 and £5/hr for the main and small Halls respectively.   Cutlery can be hired for 10p per setting, glasses £4/box and Tables and Tea Urns are £2 each. Please contact June Clark on 722346. June has volunteered to take on the task of Booking Secretary for which we thank her.

There have been some problems at a couple of recent events in the Hall caused by young people attempting to gatecrash private parties. I must emphasise that the problems have not been centred on the events themselves. Nevertheless the Committee have resolved not to accept any more bookings for these kinds of events, at least temporarily. If any nuisance or distress has been caused to any of our neighbours then I must apologise.

Dennis Gillibrand - Chairman

Notton Flower and Vegetable Show

The show this year will be held on Sunday 2nd September.  A schedule together with the show rules will be delivered to everyone in July.  Everyone in the village is welcome to either participate by showing or by just coming along on the day.

June Clark, Jennifer Horsley, Jenny Lowther, Jane Heaton and Lynn Gillibrand

Gardening Club

Since Christmas, we have had a full programme with meetings twice a month.  Our speakers have been excellent and have covered a variety of subjects.  These include the growing of Clematis, lawn care and the propagation of plants.  In April members of the Paxton Society came to demonstrate the showing of daffodils and we even had our own mini show!  We have seen slides of a Mediterranean garden in Barnsley, the gardens of Wentworth Castle and have been introduced to the wildlife of Australia. 

Our last meeting is on 6th June and we expect to commence again in October when the meetings will be held only twice a month.  We would welcome new members, so please do join us.  Wishing everyone a happy summer.

June Clark

 Residents' Association

The total crimes for Notton in 2000 were 56 - a 33% decrease on the 80 we had in 1999.  We must never become complacent but remain diligent at all times.  So far this year from 1st January to 9th May the crimes (19) committed are:-

Burglary Dwellings


Burglary Garage


Damage to MV


Arson to vehicle


Theft of MV later found burnt out


Theft of Alloy wheels


Theft from MV


Theft of garden gates


Theft of washing




In 2 of these crimes the thief was caught and charged.  If you see anyone or anything suspicious, try to get a clear identification down on paper as quickly as possible.  Matters of identification are of paramount importance.


To help to prevent sneak in thieves, keep all doors and windows locked at all times whether or not you are in the house especially now summer is almost with us.  A sneak in thief will grab what he can and leave, after having had a quick look round to see what is available, then follow it up later with a full burglary.  Keep locked all sheds and garages.  To help prevent theft from cars, leave nothing on show inside the car, not even an empty bag.  A thief will break in just to discover there is nothing in it. 

We are trying to persuade Wakefield MDC to rotate their wheely bin collection days in order that our collection day can avoid the bank holiday days.

Derrick V. Smith

Parish Council

Election of Officers - At the AGM held on 3rd May 2001 the following were elected for the year 2001/2002 - Chairman Mr P Arnott, Vice Chairman Mrs M Eames

Precept - The Parish precept for the year 2001/2002 has been set at £3,000

Highways - The long-awaited ‘traffic calming’ scheme for Old Royston has at last materialised.  Most of the work has now been completed and we hope that the area will now be much safer for both road-users and residents.

Two other ‘highway’ problems remain unresolved.  The footpath from Grimpit Hill to Notton crossroads has yet to be recognised by the DC as being in need of repair, and an agreed programme of work for Applehaigh Lane has yet to be granted the necessary funding.  However, the Parish Council will continue to press for both these problems to be resolved. 

Fly-tipping - The problem of tyres and other assorted rubbish being dumped on highway verges and public spaces has been prevalent throughout the year.  However, the DC has responded quickly to requests for the removal of such items, and we hope that this quality of service will continue.  Unfortunately, the problem of illegal tipping is unlikely to go away due to fewer landfill sites and increases in landfill tax - hence the need to recycle more than ever before. 

Millennium Project - And now for the good news!  Last-minute grants were received from both Wakefield Council and the ‘Landfill Tax Credit Scheme’.  As a result, it was decided to re-surface the entire children’s play area rather than a small area beneath each individual piece of equipment.  At the time of writing, the work is nearing completion and should soon be ready for use. 

It may not be ‘the dome’, but we hope it will add to our children’s pleasure for many years to come.

Peter Arnott - Chairman



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