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May 2000



Please support our Gala.  If you cannot attend, could you please donate something to any of the stalls mentioned below.  If you could spare any time to help please phone Frank Carter (728428). 

We still need someone to deliver the Notton Newsletter to the Bleakley area - please contact me if you know of anyone who would do this (112 copies)

 Christine Archbell (722537)

 Notton Gala 2000 - Sunday, 11th June  

With approximately one month left to Notton Gala, I felt it was important that I give you all a quick update on the situation as things stand now.  I have been fortunate in pulling together a good Committee to help, however, with the exception of one new face around the table, I am concerned that the same people are, once again, doing the job.  I would therefore, say that we have a further Committee Meeting on Monday, 15th May and if there are any other persons who wish to become involved in the early organisation, please feel free to contact me on 728428, or turn up at the meeting.  Turning now to the details of the Gala Day, these are as follows:-

Village Stalls - help needed - contact Jill Bird or Lynn Gillibrand

Cake Stall - Cakes to Jenny White or Liz Stevenson

Books - Any books to Lynn Gillibrand

Tombola - Items to Ruth Hodgkiss

Basket Stall - Baskets and contents needed - contact Jill Bird or Lynn Gillibrand

Plants - Bring to the stall on the day

White Elephant - Bring to the stall on the day

Refreshments - Cakes needed - bring to the Hall on Sunday morning

Although I am sure Peter Taylor and Colin White will do a great job on layout and organisation, they also would be extremely pleased to receive any help.  Finally can I extend my thanks to all of you who have helped so far and, at the same time, reiterate that any other help from volunteers will be extremely welcome.

Frank Carter - Gala Chairman


Notton Players

Two enjoyable and successful evenings were held at the end of March, when two one-act comedies were performed.  These were an alternative to our usual pantomime.

It is our intention to hold our next event on Friday, 30th June - “TGIF with Notton Players”.  A lighthearted evening of poetry and mirth, with anecdotes, monologues, etc.  Do you have a favourite piece that you would like to share with us or have it performed for you.  We would love to hear from you.  Contact either myself or any member of the Notton Players.  A Pie & Pea supper is included and there will be a bar - Tickets £5.

 New members always welcome.

 June Ivory - Chairman (724284)


Fund Raising

200 Club - Anyone wishing to join the 200 Club for next year please contact me before August.

We would like to thank Jenny Wolff and Judith Waddington for organising the Safari Supper in April.  The next events to be finalised are:-

Beetle/Whist Drive                           Saturday, 20th May

Treasure Hunt                                 Sunday, 3rd September

Boxed Supper                                  Saturday, 21st October

Silent Xmas Auction                           Sunday, 26th November

Xmas Ball                                       Saturday, 2nd December

For tickets see Pat at the PO.  Please pin this list on your noticeboards as a reminder.  I would like to thank all those people who attended last year’s events, and hope to see a good turnout for this year’s, as I would hate to see us lose the hall through lack of funds.

Pat Carter (728428)


Once again the cricket season is underway.  Last year Notton performed well enough to win promotion to Division 1 of the West Riding Cricket League (bribery and corruption were not knowingly involved, although some say it must have been!!!).  The club currently run one team and new members and spectators are always welcome.

Finally a plea for people, footballers, golfers, etc. to avoid encroaching on and damaging the  cricket square.  Damage comes from the most unexpected sources as was recently the case when a hot air balloonist crash landed on the edge of the square.

Bob Moorhouse (725242) or Tony Spencer (728860)

Senior Citizen News

Although we are no longer meeting on a regular basis in the Village Hall we have kept in touch with each other and will have visits and outings.  The Christmas Dinner at Millhouses was, as usual, excellent.  Maureen organised an outing in February to the Sheffield Ice Show which was spectacular.  Our friends from Royston joined us, together with grandchildren.  In Mid-March we paid a visit to the War Museum, Eden Camp, near Pickering and enjoyed our usual fish and chip supper on the way home - a good day out.  Arthur’s son, David, has kindly offered to take over his father’s job as Treasurer, for which we are very grateful.

A Coffee Morning was held in the Village Hall on Wednesday, 3rd May, and we would like to thank those who supported us by coming.  We will as usual have our Strawberry Tea in July.  You never know, it may keep fine for us.  We meet at various venues on the first Wednesday of the month.  Anyone wishing to join up please contact either Maureen or myself.

Jill Bird & Maureen Eames


Notton Tennis Club

Our Junior Coaching sessions are now underway for various age groups.  There are a few places left on the course - phone Janet Pratt on 728318 if interested.

Celebration Ball - Our Club is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year in addition to which our President and playing member, Norman Siddons, celebrates his 90th birthday.  To mark these events we are holding a Ball at the Village Hall on Saturday, 29th July at 8.00 p.m..  Dress DJ’s/Lounge suits.  Numbers are restricted to 90 with priority for tickets given to club members until 1st June, after which tickets will be generally available (a waiting list is in operation for other than club members).  Telephone Kathryn Dickinson (0385 751286) or Alan Gale (727730).

Alan Gale - Chairman


Village Hall

We are exploring the feasibility of refurbishing the kitchen but obviously the cost is an issue.  Current estimates are around £7,000 - a lot of money for the Village Hall.  We would welcome any bright ideas that you might have to help defray some of these costs.  With the days rapidly getting longer, I have been asked to remind parents to ensure that their children are aware of the dangers of playing on the Village Hall car park and the need to respect our neighbours.

We are pleased to welcome Hugh McCullum and June Drysdale.

Dennis Gillibrand - Chairman


Notton Flower and Vegetable Show

The show will be held on Sunday, 3rd September.  A schedule, together with Show Rules, will be delivered in July.  There will be all the usual sections but this year we have sections for Glass & China Painting, Woodwork and Pottery.  Please take part and then come along in the afternoon to see if you have won, purchase some raffle tickets and enjoy the refreshments.

Jennifer Horsley, Jenny Lowther, Jane Heaton and Lynn Gillibrand

Gardening Club

Since the last Newsletter we have had a busy and varied programme.  We have had a Christmas party which included a Christmas flower arranging session;  our knowledge has been tested with a not too serious quiz!;  the Wonders of the Nile have been explored and we have enjoyed an evening of slides of garden birds and their songs.

A representative of the Yorkshire Wild Life Trust has been to speak to us about wild flowers and their habitat and yet another speaker has turned us all into Fuchsia experts or should have done so!  At our last meeting we had a demonstration on the planting of containers.

The Club ends the season with a garden walk on 7th June and after that it is back to our own gardens and all that summer brings.

On a personal note, Jennifer, Rowena and I would like to thank our members for their loyalty and support over this changeover year and look forward to meeting again in the Autumn, when we would very much welcome new members - you do not have to be a “gardener” to join.  We meet in the Village Hall at 7.30 pm on the first and third Wednesdays of the month and the fee is £1.50 per session.

June Clark

Residents' Association

The total crimes figure for Notton in 1999 was 80, a 50% increase on 1998.  We had a large number of different types of crimes committed at many differing times of day and night, therefore, we must be diligent at all times.  So far this year from 1st January to 8th May the crimes committed are:-

Burglary Dwelling


Theft of Vehicle (not recovered)


Burglary Shed


Arson to vehicle


Theft of alloy wheels


Attempted theft of alloy wheels




Theft of vehicles (recovered)


Shrub stolen from garden


Theft from vehicle


Burglary from garage


We know Notton is targeted by thieves from Royston and Athersley.  We are assured by West Yorkshire Police that they work well together with South Yorkshire Police.  We do still get a patrol car, marked or unmarked, patrolling our village, at different times, every night.

At the Neighbourhood Watch AGM we were warned about sneak-in thieves.  Lock your doors when you arrive home after shopping whilst putting the car away and especially when in the garden in summer.  Burglaries can be reduced by people being aware.

Wheely bins are often used to stand on to force a window.  Don’t leave bins in the road.  Put rubbish in your next door neighbours bin when they are on holiday.  Put lighting at the rear of your house.  Leave keys with a neighbour.  Burglars will come back to the same house when they know you will have replaced the stolen goods.  Put round headed bolts, which cannot be removed, through the hinges on your sheds and garages.  Lawn mowers and garden tools especially are stolen at this time of the year.  Chaining them to the wall can help.

To report a crime dial 0845 6060606.  In an emergency dial 999.  The police do catch criminals with our help.

The wooden seat we donated to the village to celebrate the millennium has been installed by the bus stop on the village green and is being well used.                         

June Drysdale is our representative for Wakefield MDC Community Assemby focusing upon how the council and the community can work together.

To avoid nuisance TELESALES telephone calls ring 0800 262 837.  They don’t stop altogether, but they are greatly reduced. Derrick V. Smith


Parish Council

Election of Officers - At the meeting held on 4th May, the following were elected for the year 2000/2001.  Chairman - Mr P Arnott, Vice Chairman - Mrs M Eames.

Highways - All matters relating to the improvement, repair and maintenance of highways, including public footpaths, are the responsibility of the District Council.  Responses - or lack of - to reports submitted by the Parish Council, have again been disappointing, with inadequate finance blamed for most problems.

It now seems likely that we shall see the implementation of the long promised ‘traffic calming’  measures at Old Royston.  Although it has been agreed that a capital programme is required to cover the needs of Applehaigh Lane, including the reinstatement of a stretch of missing footpath, I think we may have a long wait before sufficient funding is made available.  The footpath, from the top of Grimpitt Hill to Notton crossroads on the left hand side , continues to be a major concern.  It is in grave need of repair and we shall continue to press for the work to be done.

Fly-tipping - There has been a big increase in problems related to the illegal dumping of waste, particularly old tyres.  This is not just a local problem, but is nation-wide.  We have thanked the District Council for its recent ‘clean up’, when most of the dumped tyres were removed.  However, as there are now fewer landfill sites approved to receive this type of waste, and coupled with the governments levied landfill tax, it is likely that the problem of illegal dumping will see little improvement.

Children’s Playground - As the numerous applications for grants have all been unsuccessful, it is now intended to fund the agreed resurfacing work entirely from the parish precept and accumulated balances.  Regretfully, the precept for the year 2000/2001 has had to be raised to £4,200.

Peter Arnott - Chairman


Councillor’s Notes

By the time this Newsletter reaches your home you will have had time to study the results of the Local Elections held on 4th May.  No surprise so far as Councillor Brian Hazell is concerned.  He held the Wakefield South seat with the highest vote in the whole Wakefield Metropolitan District - 2,571 and of the 21 seats far and away the biggest majority of 1,657.

All three of your Councillors, Brian, David and Norman repeat their pledge always to be available to help - Brian (01924 252434), David (01924 257698) and Norman (01924 250311).

We were delighted to answer the call for help in getting the dumped car tyres and asbestos cleared away from the car park at the top of Smawell Lane, when contacted by the Residents’  Association.  Thanks are due to the hard working operatives who undertook this arduous task.  Let’s hope the fly-tippers stay away in future.



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